I started juggling two records with one hand at age 9. At 15 I learned with three tennis balls straight out of a can and a whole world awaited me. I turned my hobby into a profession and began hustling on street corners and where ever crowds gathered in Houston TX. I was a busker by trade.  Learning quickly that people won’t watch a juggler for very long I started talking and adding stand up comedy to my manipulations. It was a formula that served me well and set the precedent for a generation of jugglers who would follow me. In the words of Barry Friedman of the Raspyni Brothers, “Every comedy juggler alive today has some of Marlin’s DNA in them.” By touching others who touched the world my ripple turned into a wave. I will never meet all of the people who have seen my work and when I do it is such an honor knowing that some of me is in them.

Marlin's Six Silver Spheres

Marvelous Mesmerizing Mind Bending Manipulations from the Mind of Marlin

Marlin’s Trailblazing Comedy Juggling Act on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 1977

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