About My Writing

Writing is the most endurable thing created by humans. We are reading text from thousands of years ago long after the author’s bones have turned to dust. The great monuments built by man will fall and crumble long before their words and ideas fade from memory. The pen is more powerful than the sword and from that springs the wisdom and adage "All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” And ideas are set forth by putting words to a page or in our world text to a document. My digital 0’s and 1’s take the shape of letters that in turn take the shape of words that will hopefully take shape in your mind so that you may take action and shape your world.


Contemplative Navel

  • To sample the book "The Contemplative Navel" A book of wit and wisdom woven wonderfully with original drawings by Marlin,  Click here >>


  • Sample Marlin's one panel cartoons inspired by his love of the ones in New York Magazine: Click here>>