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"The Street Juggler" 1974


Horror in Hawaii:

monster coqui in pahoa medHorror in Hawaii: Nobody is Immune” is a story based on real happenings but stretched so far that it is outlandish. Just the way I like them. In the 90’s Walmart accidentally introduced Coqui frogs to the island by importing plants from Puerto Rico which is where the frog is from. In their home land nature created balance as various animals ate them to keep them in check. In Hawaii there is no natural predator and their numbers exploded. I like frogs but these have a whistle that is nearly 100 decibels, the volume of a lawnmower and a frog the size of a  quarter can be heard half a mile away. Imagine a yard full of them going at it all night long! Even with earplugs and pillows over my head I can still hear them. So I wrote a sci-fi/horror/genre bending movie that I would go see. And I am particular about my movie diet.

Our Log Line:

An invasive species of frog mutates and terrorize an area in Hawaii, which becomes quarantined. A young boy inadvertently discovers a way to summon swarms of the small creatures with his communications device, and creates a lure that is used by the military to lead the one monster frog to it’s demise. But do they really eradicate this invasive species?