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Welcome to The Mind of Marlin!

Welcome to the Mind of Marlin, the Wizard of Whimsy. You have come to the right place to get your giggle on.

My mission in life is to inspire others to connect with their own creativity and in doing so reconnecting them with their wonderment, play, and joy.

Give me a shout out and am only a keystroke away.


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  • The Luma Theater

    LUMA plunges the audience into a darkened space where a tapestry of illuminate illusions fills the stage. With high and low technology the work of shadowed performers is to splash brilliant images of color and motion onto the back of the eye and plays heavily upon the persistence of vision that comes with the interplay of shadow and light.
  • LUMA Reviews

    “Truly magical moments that play creatively upon our age-old fascination with the wonder that is light”
    - SF Gate

    “If you still get a metaphysical kick out of fireflies, the northern lights, shooting stars, and screen savers, you’re encouraged to attend” - SF Weekly
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"A cross between Will Rogers and Sophocles"
- MidWest Book Review